The £130 million UK Battery Industrialisation Centre (UKBIC), a unique battery production development facility which is due to be operational soon, is taking part in this week’s Faraday Institution conference.

Dr Ahmad Mohsseni, UKBIC’s Chief Technology Officer, is part of a panel session on Thursday (26 November, 11am to 12.30pm) called Scale-Up of materials and processes.

Ahmad will focus on ‘setting up a lithium ion manufacturing facility in the UK as a green field project.’

The session will be chaired by Dr James Cookson, Research Manager at Johnson Matthey.

Other presenters in the session will be:

  • Yang-Kook Sun, Department of Energy Engineering – Hanyang University, Korea: ‘A new series of Ni-rich layered cathodes for next generation electric vehicles.’
  • Jawwad Darr, Co-Investigator, Degradation – UCL: ‘Introducing a New Generic Approach to the Discovery and Scale up of Battery Electrodes and Solid-State Electrolytes.’
  • Dr Denis Cumming, Project Leader, Nextrode – University of Sheffield: ‘Scaling up cell fabrication in a multi-institutional academic setting: challenges and outlook.’

There are significant challenges in scaling energy storage materials and technologies towards integrated devices and applications, be they chemical, mechanical or electro-chemical, with battery performance being heavily dictated by the way in which they are fabricated.

This session will explore how Faraday Institution researchers are developing the knowledge and understanding to take research outputs to the next level, developing the methodologies and processing capabilities that will be enablers to efficient pathways to commercialisation and recycling.

‘Scale-up’ examples may encompass solving the spectrum of scientific challenges to advance a particular cell chemistry (and its components – including electrolytes) from coin cell to pouch cell, through to advanced deposition techniques and novel, structured composite electrode fabrication; all with a view to improved electrochemical performance and manufacturability.

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