Dr Ahmad Mohsseni, Chief Technology Officer at UKBIC, has been made an Honorary Associate Professor at WMG.

Dr Ahmad Mohsseni joined UKBIC in April 2019, where he sits on the executive committee – the team responsible for delivering and operating the Centre.  Dr Mohsseni is responsible for Engineering and Quality specifically.

Prior to this Dr Mohsseni was team leader, project manager and research associate at RWTH Aachen University, and a management consultant at McKinsey and Company. He holds Bachelor and two Master of Science degrees from RWTH Aachen University in Economics, Manufacturing Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering, as well as a PhD in engineering.

Professor David Greenwood, Director for industrial Engagement at WMG comments: “I am delighted for us to deepen the research relationship between UKBIC and WMG through the appointment of Dr Ahmad Mohsseni as Honorary Associate Professor. Ahmad, as CTO of UKBIC has worked closely with the research team at WMG in the fields of battery electrochemistry and battery manufacturing, and his scientific and technical knowledge will contribute greatly to our joint research agenda in the future.”

Jeff Pratt, UKBIC’s Managing Director, said: “I’m delighted with Ahmad’s appointment as Honorary Associate Professor at WMG, at the University of Warwick. This appointment, alongside his role as Chief Technology Officer at UKBIC, recognises Ahmad’s valuable contribution to the development of UKBIC, a facility created to support UK industry with development of battery technologies for future electrification. He will be a great asset to the University.”

In his role as Honorary Associate Professor, Dr Mohsseni will share his expertise by giving seminars and contributing to joint research with WMG staff.